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Each year between Thanksgiving and Christmas I have the joy/challenge of finding new and mischievous activities for our “Elf on the Shelf”. My favorite was finding them playing Blackjack at the kitchen table using Oreos as gaming chips.

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The Seed of What to Ask

Kindling Q’s for client’s with aging parents.

How are your parent’s doing? Often times this leads to a discussion about mobility issues and concerns for their parents being alone for long periods. This can result in leads for Mike McCoy who can provide caretakers, Robert Slocum who can make modifications to the parent’s home to make it more friendly to “aging in place” and even Karen Baxter if they want refinance their own home to fund the build out of an in-law suite to have their parents move in with them.

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My clients never feel overwhelmed because I navigate the myriad tax issues business owners face, in all 50 states. My responsibility is to provide strategies that mitigate and minimize tax liability, so they stay in compliance.

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    CPA Tarantino
  • 704 Macy Drive
  • Roswell, GA
  • 30076
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  • Fax: 678-527-0969

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