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I am proud of three daughters and 22 grandchildren. I serve as chairman of the House Committee at Marietta Kiwanis Club, and as chair of the advisory board for the Salvation Army of Cobb County. And I play an occasional round of golf.

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Referral Trigger for the week of July 29

After 18 years of membership, here are my mentoring points
1: Always carry your Team Roster, with an adequate supply of cards, with you.
2: Each week select one or two Team Members to focus on for referrals.
3: Have regular “coffees” with your Team Members.
4: Serve as an Officer if given the opportunity.
5: Attend and re-attend PowerCore training opportunities.
6: Work on developing GateOpener relationships.
7: Write Endorsement Letters when warranted.
8: Seek to invite at least one Visitor per month. (Ask me for my technique.)
9: Join organizations like Kiwanis or Rotary.
10: Be sure your business card and website are up-to-date.

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I served as a US Army officer, earned a PhD in chemistry from Notre Dame University, and enjoyed a 30 year career with DuPont-the last four as President of a joint venture with a Swedish company-before joining this industry in 1993.

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    Proactive Wealth Strategies
  • 519 Johnson Ferry Road
  • Building A, Suite 250
  • Marietta, Georgia
  • 30068
  • Phone: 770-642-0084
  • Website:
  • Fax: 770-518-6885

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