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My name is Philip Ladin; I am married, with three children, three dogs, and 2 fish tanks. I obtained my J.D. from John Marshall Law School in Atlanta, MBA from University of Maryland, B.S. from University of Phoenix and an A.S. Degree in Co


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I am an expert in Georgia Child Support Laws. This is extremely important in all aspects of a custody dispute to protect the best interests of a minor child. Not only have I been hired by other attorneys to testify as an expert witness in aspects of Georgia Child Support Law, I personally created the Georgia Online Child Support Calculator which is used by Judges, Attorneys and lay people throughout the state of Georgia. I have also been responsible to go around the state of Georgia training Judges and Lawyers to ensure that they understand how to use the Child Support Calculator. Most importantly this benefits the minor children that I work with during all custody disputes

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Our experienced team of dedicated attorneys will help you understand the complex legal issues involving your individual needs. Our goal is to protect your rights and interests as well as assisting you, in not only understanding the law but

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