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I am a family man first. I am a father of 2 adult daughters with a wonderful wife of 33 years. My hobbies are waterskiing, boating, fishing, golf and tennis. I find these are great opportunities to network.

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  • Phone: 678-592-6961
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  • Joined on 10/22/2009

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What to DO to GET Referrals: Element: Action | Topic: Credibility – Time

When a client reaches out to me, I try to take their call immediately, when I am on the phone, they are my first returned call. When they contact me via the website, I call them at my first opportunity. I try to set up a face to face at their home to review their needs their earliest convenience. FYI, we do make evening appointments also. Once the face to face is completed, we make our next appointment to come back and review our quote. Our quotes take approximately 1 week to get together and are based on allowances. If approved we moved to the selection process and formalize the quote. When that is approved, we can generally begin the work for their job within 2 weeks. The idea is to get our quote as exact as possible before we start a new job. We find this program works for all customers and helps to eliminate conflicts.

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Our philosophy at Legendary Renovations is to provide a quality product whether it be a remodel or build. We do not require up front money for remodels except when cabinets are involved. Final payment is not due until the job is complete

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