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I am a family man first. I am a father of 2 adult daughters with a wonderful wife of 33 years. My hobbies are waterskiing, boating, fishing, golf and tennis. I find these are great opportunities to network.

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  • Phone: 678-592-6961
  • Team: North Fulton
  • Introduced by Jeff Kalteux
  • Joined on 10/22/2009

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Conversations with potential clients usually don’t include opportunities to refer powercore members. Once a potential client becomes an actual client, I get a lot more opportunities to talk to them about their wants and needs. Once I have find a need, I look in my little black book and pull out a referral that I feel will be a good fit with my client. Remember, my reputation is on the line here also. I make the referral and follow up with my client to make sure all went well and if I did my job well, I helped 2 people have a good experience.

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Company Profile

Our philosophy at Legendary Renovations is to provide a quality product whether it be a remodel or build. We do not require up front money for remodels except when cabinets are involved. Final payment is not due until the job is complete

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