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Passion is what keeps me going from visiting my clients in their homes to running carpool. I love helping elderly clients and their families and love using that same passion to cheer on my girls and husband during their sporting events.

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Heirloom Seeds Have Great Stories

I think a good gate opener for Jason would be a county conservator. Jason and I recently discussed the selling of a three million dollar apartment complex, Jason had offered to get a buyer in so the county conservator could have another bid to consider. The apartments ended up selling but to the realtor firm, which bothered the family as they saw it as a conflict. Having Jason available will give the county conservator a second agent that they trust to give them a bid in situations like this.

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Aging and end of life decisions and then the probate process can all be scary and have lots of bumps. My clients need to feel that they have all their documents in order and to have prepared for the future.

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