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Passion is what keeps me going from visiting my clients in their homes to running carpool. I love helping elderly clients and their families and love using that same passion to cheer on my girls and husband during their sporting events.

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Some asked the difference between guardianship and power of attorney. I do both guardianship/conservatorship and powers of attorney, but I did not realize how easily it can get confusing because when talking about children, it is guardianship or guardian. I know make sure to ask when someone calls for Wills and Power of Attorney, if their loved one has capacity. A Will and the other planning documents cannot be signed if someone does not understand what they are signing. So if there is not capacity, I often have to explain in Georgia they may need guardianship for the person and to get a conservatorship to handle their money. In other states and when talking with banks or others the terms are often used interchangeably but in reality they are not the same thing. I try to make sure clients really understand the difference.

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Aging and end of life decisions and then the probate process can all be scary and have lots of bumps. My clients need to feel that they have all their documents in order and to have prepared for the future.

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