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Family is most important. Clients are extended family in helping them meet their dreams. I believe that 100% of “mortg surprises” are circumventable in having closed 100% of my originations past 11 yrs. Detail,thoroughness, communication!

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An extra benefit as it’s viewed by my clients and the agents they are working with is I perform a complete review of all dctn and perform a manual underwrite of a buyer’s mortgage file, addressing any aspects of concern with underwriting mgt prior to issuing a pre-qual letter rather than leaving it up to the formal underwrite to determine if my borrower is not qualified. This has given me a 100% closing record over the 16yrs in the mortgage brokerage business. This not only provides a seamless and assured loan closing but also safeguards my clients against wasted expense of home inspection and appraisal if they don’t qualify by personally determining it upfront.

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Capital Mortgage Svcs is a thriving mortgage broker built on integrity & professionalism since its inception in Atlanta in 1991. Being a broker affords me the opportunity to offer my clients the best of what is available in the market.

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    Capital Mortgage Services, Inc..
  • 1105 Lakewood Parkway
  • Suite 125
  • Alpharetta, GA
  • 30009
  • Phone: 404-257-8422 ext. 316
  • Website: http://www.approved.com
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