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I guide Clients in managing the largest debt most have, their Mortgage. I want to simplify the process and make their purchase or refinance…a pleasurable experience!

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Progress: Pass On – Keep the relationship

When I provide a referral, it sets up a natural follow-up to confirm their needs were addressed.
On a regular basis I am referring clients to financial services. An example is the Allen’s who I have closing with John Kimbell’s office and using John Thompson for home insurance. The benefit for the client is simply that they have honest, credible contacts to assist their needs. For me, it builds further credibility as a resource…I know people! Each touch helps in deepening relationships.

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I provide Home Financing for primary, secondary, resort, and investment properties. I have worked for Element Funding for the past 14-years, who provide great flexibility for me to service my clients needs..

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    Element Funding, Ray Evans Team
  • 7 Baynard Park
  • Suite B
  • Newnan, Georgia
  • 30265
  • Phone: 470-481-3947
  • Website: https://www.ElementFunding.net

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