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When we were at that age when everybody wants to be a rockstar, I always wanted to be their manager. Finding the way to make the thing happen is what I enjoy.

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Communication is about both form and substance.
The form is the how, and I attempt to mirror the customer’s preference (email, phone, zoom, text). I am aware of the speed and timing of a response and I am most careful to being clear about when they can expect an answer or next step. Speed isn’t always paramount, but clarity is.
Substance is the message, and my number one goal in all cases is to remove any element of mystery. What am I telling them, what does it mean for them, what action, if any, must they take, or what action should they expect from me.

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Company Profile

My clients make decisions. They work on the forward momentum of their business, and aren’t afraid to put their name to it. When I make the complex simple, they can continue to grow their business.

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    Rebecca Brizi
  • 360 Pharr Road
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 30305
  • Phone: 404-908-2895
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