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When we were at that age when everybody wants to be a rockstar, I always wanted to be their manager. Finding the way to make the thing happen is what I enjoy.

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When I was in school and would come home with a less-than-perfect grade, my parents would ask “Why didn’t you get an A?”… and expect an answer. It was not criticism: they would sit with me and go through my work to figure out if there was something I had misunderstood, or missed, or had just gotten distracted.

I have learned to question things instead of judging them.
When I started managing a team, applying this question ensured I never jumped to conclusions, but also that I treated all employees equally: whether they succeeded or failed or anything in between, I always started with the question: “What were you trying to achieve?”.

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My clients make decisions. They work on the forward momentum of their business, and aren’t afraid to put their name to it. When I make the complex simple, they can continue to grow their business.

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    Rebecca Brizi
  • 360 Pharr Road
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