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Working as a Realtor fills my day with new adventures. You never know what I may find in the next house I see.
When not working, you can find me running, shopping, or spending time with my family. My family says I never sit still. I don’t

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For my business, the minute I hear a need that is not being addressed is when I think of a possible referral. Then, I think about the person I am about to refer to. Are they are good fit? Will the person I am referring benefit from the referral? Typically, yes, and finally my most important requirement is that my client, the one I referred, is well taken care of. I expect that, and when good care is delivered, I will refer over and over.

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Selling residential real estate for 12 years, after a successful business to business sales background. I specialize in North Altanta Metro Area, Cobb to Forsyth and everything in between. Let our team help you!

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