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Working as a Realtor fills my day with new adventures. You never know what I may find in the next house I see.
When not working, you can find me running, shopping, or spending time with my family. My family says I never sit still. I don’t

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The Seed of How (behavior)

One of my best clients ever is Rob. Rob is an Ohio native and a hobby contractor. He greatly improves every house he lives in. What makes Rob my best client is that he listens to what I suggest to make his home more sellable, and is reasonable during negotiations as he knows his end goal is to get his house sold for the most money and least headache. Rob is a client for life.

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Selling residential real estate for 12 years, after a successful business to business sales background. I specialize in North Altanta Metro Area, Cobb to Forsyth and everything in between. Let our team help you!

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