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Part of being a web developer for over 19 years I have to be flexible to the client’s needs. It is imperative to listen to the client’s needs and adapt the website solution to what meets their needs. Websites change frequently through the course of a business’ life cycle and the marketing and web development need to change according to the client’s needs.
Rhonda Sterrett
i360 Group
Web Development and Internet Marketing

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Company Profile

i360 Group is an web development company that specializes in websites, application development, and internet marketing. We can code in any language so we don’t let the programming language dictate the business issue we are trying to fix.

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    i360 Group
  • 2548 Morgan Lake Drive
  • Marietta, GA
  • 30066
  • Phone: 770-973-3915
  • Website: http://www.i360group.com

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