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  • Team: Paulding
  • Introduced by John Immke
  • Joined on 02/01/2019

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Purpose: Commander’s Intent – Drill Bit vs. Hole

Your home is one of the biggest, if not the biggest investment you’ll ever have in your lifetime. Protecting it from the elements is your roofs main purpose. I have customers all the time that come to me after a large storm, scared about what may or may not have been damaged on their roof. The fear is not knowing because if you’re like 99% of my homeowners, you dont climb on roofs. Thats where we come in. Giving my customers the peace of mind with a video roof inspection, which is always free of charge.

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    Southern Sky Roofing & Gutters
  • 1394 Old Draketown Trail
  • Temple, GA
  • 30180
  • Phone: 770-609-0328
  • Website:

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