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Mark A Straight Line: Contrast

In the H.V.A.C. industry we spend majority of our time at customers homes doing service, repair or replacement. Beings most all heating and air conditioning equiptment is located in either the attic, crawlspace or basement, this is how my straight line is driven towards Ken DeRose Broeckert. We are constantly spending time in the same locations where those unwanted pest prefer to be. So its always easy for me to identify the signs and damage they leave behind.
When I’m with a customer I often get questioned or point out things that can better protect their home. All customers want to protect their home being it is such a major investment. When I point out to them the signs of nuisance animals it makes referring Ken & his service easy.

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    Trinity Air
  • 1 TDK Boulevard
  • Suite D
  • Peachtree City, GA
  • 30269
  • Phone: 770-486-1919
  • Website: http://www.trinityair.com

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