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My first career was as a musician and I still compose the occasional soundtrack. Other careers were in architecture, purchasing & planning. I earned a black belt, taught karate,and like nothing better than adventure travel.

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  • Phone: 404.352.8960
  • Team: Sandy Springs
  • Introduced by Keith Early
  • Also Introduced by Maureen O'Rear
  • Joined on 09/15/2010

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See Their Strength

I could brag about Nance Donaldson all day long! In addition to knowing her industry inside and out, she has uncommon persistence. I referred one of my best clients to Nance, and she kept at it when other commercial real estate agents would have thrown in the towel – sealing the deal after clearing an inordinate number of hurdles.

Not only that, but she always exhibits a great, positive, attitude no matter the circumstances. She’s been a great team coordinator through a trying time and I think she would also make a stellar mentor coordinator!

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“If you can imagine it, we can build it” has become our mantra at Bleeding Edge as we move into the realms where technology meets imagination. Bleeding Edge is a leader in providing web development and new media to a range of businesses.

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