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I founded Your Design Online, a web development agency in 2004. I lead the YDO development team in creating technical business solutions for organizations representing a wide array of industries. We transform the

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  • Phone: 404-276-0885
  • Team: Buckhead
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  • Joined on 02/15/2013


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Before working with a client, I run a 7-point assessment that analyzes the effectiveness of their internet presence. It covers perspectives like User Experience, Conversion Viability, SEO, Performance and Security, etc. This assessment serves to highlight areas of critical importance during our sales cycle, but also as a benchmark for our development phase. Anything we launch passes our Standard of Effectiveness that will lead our client to a web presence that generates revenue as opposed to a budget line item.

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Company Profile

I run a full-service web design and development firm operating in Atlanta, performing web design and application development, graphic design, branding and support for traditional and new media marketing campaigns.

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    Your Design Online
  • 8097 Roswell Rd #B
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • 30350
  • Phone: 800-698-5859
  • Website:
  • Fax: 800-698-5859

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