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BS Education and AA in Culinary Arts, Chef Robert was an Exec & Exec Sous Chef in the 1990’s. In 2000, transition to tech sales with several companies over 16 years. In July 2016, he returned to culinary, local, family-run restaurant

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Better Together: Until the Glue Sets

In catering, I place the clamps in place when an engagement is confirmed, removed after the post-engagement interview and then, because clamps are re-usable, I give the clamps to the customer to place upon the rack until needed again.
As Catering is a continuous business model, the key is to insure the client wants to continue to use the clamps which is why you should always maintain communication with them because out of sight, out of mind and out money because you were not called for the next event.

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Chef offers PowerCore members ‘Foods’ power which is as important as a business card. I specialize in events to enable client retention, client expansion or capture new clients for businesses. 2 Members = $750K+ deals. Want to Try?

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    Charltons Grill and Tap
  • 3005 Old Alabama Road
  • Suite 100
  • Johns Creek, Ga
  • 30022
  • Phone: 770-442-9005
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