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Bob loves experiencing life with his family. Camping at Bonnaroo;
orienteering; movies; walking the dog, if Bob is with family, he is happiest. When not spending time with family you can find Bob reading or agonizing over Michigan teams.

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  • Phone: 770-229-5729
  • Team: Fayette
  • Introduced by Dr. Byron Harper
  • Also Introduced by Faye Vantreese
  • Joined on 10/15/2019

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  • Orientation
  • InfoMinute Seminar
  • 7-Minute Workshop Presentation
  • Filling the Filing Cabinet

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Company Profile

At our firm we deeply believe in helping caregivers protect everyone and everything they love. We deeply believe family is our greatest asset and time is a valuable asset. We pay attention to detail so caregivers can focus on what matters.

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