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I am a workout and outdoors freak! I go to a group fitness class 3x per week. Hiking in the nearby mountains is a passion of mine. Nothing is like the outdoors. I love to travel and spend the fall watching my gamecocks play football 7x/yr

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  • Phone: 770-712-5123
  • Team: Downtown Woodstock
  • Introduced by Debra Brazell
  • Joined on 10/20/2017

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The Value of Copies

One action with the potential to give exponential benefit would be to pass a hand-off during a
7-minute presentation. One that’s designed to summarize my presentation for a potential referral.
As team members listen to my presentation, they think of prospects that may benefit. The hand-off would benefit prospect in understanding the service and contacting me.

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Company Profile

My business is about helping business owners with their finances. What i enjoy most about my profession is meeting the interesting people pursuing their dreams!

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    Robert Smith, CPA
  • 3395 Sixes Road
  • Suite 2401
  • Canton, GA
  • 30114
  • Phone: 404-287-2742
  • Website:

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