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I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also love serving and communicating with my friends in Romania. And I enjoy comedy, water sports, and military history.


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Accurate: Increase the Distance

A PowerCore team member introduced me to a potential client, we will call her Mary, in the summer of 2016. Mary rented a condo in a wonderful building and wanted to buy a condo. But she only wanted a condo in her current building, and on the south side, and above the 6th floor. I prequalified her, and then we waited, and we waited, for the right condo to hit the market. We talked at various times over a two-year span, just to stay in touch. Finally, in the summer of 2018, rumors began circulating that an owner might want to sell the perfect condo. I had underwriters review Mary’s file using a TBD property, and they approved. I provided a letter stating that Mary had already been approved by underwriting. Then we waited again. In December 2018, we updated Mary’s documents and had underwriting approve Mary’s new documents, as Mary’s Realtor said an owner was seriously considering a sale. When that owner decided to sell, we gave him a letter stating that underwriting had already approved Mary’s mortgage application – we only needed a good appraisal and title verification to close the loan. He accepted her strong offer. We finally closed on Mary’s dream condo about 32 months after our original discussion. Mary was THRILLED!

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My clients appreciate that we provide i. proactive communication regarding loan status, ii. coaching to make the loan process as easy as possible, iii. clear and detailed review of options helping them choose the best loan option available.

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