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I have been in love with beauty of all kinds, appreciating elements of nature; a fascination for the look, form, and personalities of people; the unique graphic design of product packaging; and the effects of lighting in photography.


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Straight Rows Prepare for Harvest

I have a client who manufactures and distributes a product.
My direct contact is a part owner/Operations manager. You would notice that she has a slight Asian accent, talks fast, and may seem to be a little frazzled (but don’t let that fool you). They (she, and her other partner) came to my studio to evaluate my potential to show detail and high quality in photography of their product for their new website and printed promotional posters. As I had never shot this specific kind of product before, I asked, “Would you allow me to show you the quality of my photography by photographing one of your products for your evaluation?” The results I gave them provided me with sixteen additional assignments during the last six months. This would be my ideal client to duplicate, because their needs are on-going, as would be my bottom line.

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Photographic services are offered in the areas of executive and family portraits, model portfolios, product photography, corporate and private events, editorial and environmental assignments.

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    Arkay Studios
  • Arkay Studios
  • 79 Wellington Manor
  • Sharpsburg, GA
  • 30277
  • Phone: 770-328-8769
  • Website:

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