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I’m an early riser up by 3am out of the house by 4am for my “Me Time” a workout at gym!! I am the father of five and have a grandson. I love sports particularly football!! I live the Falcons (occasionally) and cheer for the Gators..

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  • Phone: 770-630-3958
  • Team: Decatur
  • Introduced by John Conley
  • Joined on 01/09/2018

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Classification Is Business Coach. The person I would introduce Troy to is a Marketing and Business expert. She and Troy would both benefit from the introduction. She’s always networking throughout Atlanta and I think she would benefit from knowing self-defense given the multiple events she attends many of which occur at night.

Hi Susan

I would like to get together with you over coffee and get caught up since it’s been a month since we last spoke. If you don’t mind I would also like to invite Troy Logan one of my PowerCore team members. Troy teaches Craz-Maga and is a good businessman who looks to connect to excellent people for which you are one. I also think given your hectic event schedule you would also benefit by knowing Troy. I’ll send an invitation for two weeks out to both of you!


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Company Profile

We are a full-service staffing provider, our solutions include evaluation hire, direct hire, temporary and contract staffing, professional search, and HR services. Our goal is to be a trusted HR resource for small- and medium-sized business

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    Express Employment Professionals
  • 910 Church St
  • Suite 203
  • Decatur , GA
  • 30030
  • Phone: 678-515-3799
  • Website:

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