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After 30 years in TX, Hello, GA! We felt at home here immediately. Faith, old school values, and zany humor are deep-rooted. Married to my high school sweetheart 47 years, and love living here to be the goofy influence on our grandsons!

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Heirloom Seeds Ripen Over Time

Great GateOpeners for me are realtors and property managers. Working in the commodities industry, pricing can change, impacting both natural gas and cell phone bills, residentially and commercially. An example is when a fixed rate for natural gas expires and goes to a variable rate, which could double or triple that therm rate for the customer. Having to keep up with this, coupled with not being able to get a customer service rep on the phone with their current company, can cost that individual much time and money. The second time you see the GateOpener, ask ‘How is your client doing who purchased more rental properties? Is he pleased with the customer service he’s getting from his natural gas company?’

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Company Profile

I offer options. Options to lower natural gas and cell phone bills for the homeowner, renter, and business owner. Options to pay off debt, retire sooner, ditch a job. Just ask Nikki, the giddy now-stay-at-home Mom.

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