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I transitioned from 25 years in corporate sales leadership to small business owner in August, 2016. Married to Phyllis for 26 years. We have two girls, Lauren working in music ministry and Lyndsey a Senior @ App State in Boone, NC.

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It’s Easier For Each Other

My suggestion for Katie Sparks, Business Law Attorney on the Milton Team, is to focus her next 7-Minute on 2 or 3 very common legal services that a large % of small business owners will need in their first 2 years. Include common mistakes as well as best practices, and a realistic cost of these services. Time permitting, provide examples of the cost of making bad decisions or not involving sound legal advice. A kindling question might be: which business law firm (or attorney) did you use when launching your business?

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Company Profile

The purpose of business is to create a customer. (Peter Drucker)
My job is to assist SMB owners in their quest to create customers through brand awareness and promotional advertising.

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    Money Mailer
  • 3070 Windward Plaza
  • Suite F-286
  • Alpharetta, GA
  • 30005
  • Phone: 770-777-2295

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