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I have worn many “caps” over the years, my 2 favorite are instructing swimming for 25 years and singing Amercan Jazz Standards. Jeff and I have been married for 23 years, we travel, camp and beach bum with our fur baby Daisy.

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Better Together: It takes time

Typically my clients have had a recent medical visit and have been encouraged to make lifestyle changes. Sometimes a customer gets it immediately and other times I send clinically backed research and or videos on the product they are interested. It is imperative that I clamp down and continue to explain that results vary, most understand, and after a few months of being faithful with taking their product, something has changed for the better and I can release the grip. Now a believer in the power of plants has formed.

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“On the go!”, this is the daily mantra for many, that’s why Juice Plus has figured out how to put the power of 30 different fruits, vegetables and berries in capsule or chewables! Bridge the gap, Simple. Powerful.

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