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  • Phone: 470-225-9698
  • Team: Brookhaven
  • Introduced by Ralph Amos
  • Also Introduced by Dr. Mark Sheridan
  • Joined on 11/3/2021

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Professional: Precise – Respect

When delivering bad news, it is important to think through all the options that are available ahead of time and create an action plan. Bad news does not get better with time, so riping the bandaid quickly is my philosophy. It is important to communicate on the phone or in-person with the customer to create a dialogue, to consider any feedback, and answer any questions that they may have. If for any reason, I have caused the issue, I will own the error. I find taking responsibility and having a solution goes a long way when someone is angry or disappointed.

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Fire, Storm, Water, Mold, Sewer backup, Blood and Pathogen, COVID-19 Remediation Company. 30 years in business doing quality work, No job is too big or small. We will service Commercial and Residential.

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