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Share a standard in your industry that we aren’t aware of.
In the life insurance industry there is a standard called the “know your client” rule. This means that before I can make any recommendation, I need to become familiar with my client’s entire situation. This helps me ensure that my recommendations will be sustainable to the client and their family long term.
Who taught you this norm?
I received initial training when I started in the business 10+ years ago and also complete continuing education training year after year to maintain my licenses.
How does it benefit you?
This benefits me by giving me the confidence that the recommendations I’m making are suitable and indeed what is best for the client. It also shows the client that I am a professional, rather than a quote machine or just another sales person trying to sell them something they don’t need.
How does it benefit your clients?
This benefits my clients by giving them the peace of mind that they are making a good decision and protecting their families and businesses adequately.

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  • Atlanta, GA
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