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“I did not know you helped clients resolve disputes – I thought you only litigated them.”

Nobody likes to be stuck in a lawsuit and quite frankly often the only person that wins in that scenario is the lawyer. In addition to being a litigator, I am a counsel. It is imperative that I find out what my clients goals are and exactly what they want.

Once I have that information, I can offer solutions, which may include early negotiations prior to filing a lawsuit.

That is surprisingly often successful and it results in a client that saves a lot of money, time and emotional investment.

And, it results in a trusting client that will come back to me if necessary or tell his/her network that I have a unique approach.

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    Law Office of Seth N. Katz, LLC
  • 7742 Spalding Drive
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  • Norcross, GA
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  • Phone: 404-579-9466

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