Sharna Ettinoffe - Attorney – Real Estate

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  • Phone: 678-665-1409
  • Team: Sugarloaf
  • Introduced by Ayo Saba
  • Joined on 10/10/2018

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I was invited to join about 2 years ago. I was really excited to see what the experience was going to be like, and to meet the team. On the way, the questions in my mind all had to do with the time and logistics. I live a good distance away, and was already stuck in traffic, and going to be late. So all I was concerned about already making a bad impression showing up late. Once I got to the meeting all of the fear and anxiety went away. I was immediately met with welcoming faces and energy. What impressed me the most how well everyone got along, how happy and jovial everyone was at 7:00 am and how smoothly the meeting ran. I got several invitations to coffee, so I left feeling like I was really wanted on the team. When I invite others to the team, I share my experience of the over whelming warmth that was extended to me, and the great and unexpected value of sitting in a room with people, some from completely different industries referring and doing business together.

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    The Hawes Law Firm, LLC
  • 4505 Paces Station Close
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 30339
  • Phone: 678-804-7766
  • Website:

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