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  • Phone: 770-315-5917
  • Team: Whitlock Avenue
  • Introduced by Dr. Douglas LaRoss
  • Joined on 08/23/2011

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Accurate: How Do They Know

No matter how many new and exciting tools they come out with, I still seem to always reach for the old ones. I have a laser measurer but always grab my tape measurer. I am a gadget guy and have a lot of tools that could make my job sometimes easier, but the old way of doing things are more comfortable I guess. I forget I have the new ones and by the time I remember, the old way already has it done.

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    Total Home Repair LLC
  • 1680 Hiram Douglasville Hwy Suite 106
  • Hiram, GA
  • 30141
  • Phone: 770-871-9277

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