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  • Phone: 770-315-5917
  • Team: Whitlock Avenue
  • Introduced by Dr. Douglas LaRoss
  • Joined on 08/23/2011

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Having proper etiquette around my clients is very important. I hear all the time about what other contractors did or did not do at a customers house. It comes down to showing respect for another persons home. First, I arrive on time. There is nothing worse then a customer waiting on you to get there. Second, I always make sure I am dressed appropriately for work. Looking like a slob does not give a person a lot of confidence that you will do a good job. Third, I always speak kindly to people. I speak to them like I would wanted to be spoken to. Having respect for someone in their home should always happen. I always treat their home better then I would my own. I don’t leave messes, I always leave it looking better than I found it. I don’t track mud or dirt throughout the house. I cover things and clean up. I don’t look at these items as something I have to work at or preach about, it’s just something I do. And my customers appreciate it and that’s probably why I get so much repeat business.

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    Total Home Repair LLC
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