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I’m obsessed with the History Channel, Food Network, my four fur babies and sports. You can find me hanging out with friends or neighbors most non football weekends. My motto: Have passport, will travel.

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  • Phone: 678-558-2445
  • Team: Downtown Woodstock
  • Introduced by Erica Ramsey
  • Joined on 09/28/2018

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Progress: Pass On – Before

As travel agent before I can really begin the process with the client I need to know several things. First, where do they want to go? As long as they have an idea of what they want I can help them along with selecting the prefect destination. Second, what will the travel window be? The more specific the time frame the better my recommendations will be. Third, a desire to travel. As long as the client wants to go somewhere, I can assist after having conversations with the client. They have a dream or idea, I can make it happen!

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