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As an insurance broker my primary goal is making sure I give the client what they want plus some by searching the market for the best value (product structure/coverage/premium). Insurance is truly about assembling individual parts/coverage for each individual client whether it be individual term life, permanent life, long term care, long/short term disability or group benefits for companies such as health, dental, vision, life, disability, supplemental plans. Every client is unique and I personally think I’m a Scheaffer or Mont Blanc as this is the price points I find the greatest value for my clients with respect to products. If you go cheap, you’re losing value from a product coverage standpoint as well as a revenue standpoint. I can be a BIC if need be as we have this built into our business model but I prefer not to go down this road.
Customers get “all-hands-on-deck” when it comes to accessibility to me directly in discussing their policy, things they need but aren’t sure how to get it such as insurance cards, figuring out if their prescriptions are covered on their plans, are their doctors in-network or not, help filing claim, help with a claim, knowing that I’ve exhausted every option for them when it comes to finding the best plan/product(s) for them in the market that I know of. The list goes on and on but the bottom line is my clients get complete commitment, absolute care and passion with every communication they have with me. They get the Mont Blanc quality of service with access to the Scheaffer prices points as this is where the broader market writes their policies.

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