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Tell us the story –
[1] start with the situation that made them ready for you:
Their current broker was not servicing their company and employees with respect to their Employee Benefits.

[2] describe, specifically, what you did:
I met with the CEO, CFO and Leadership to explain how working with a Boutique Firm actually is more beneficial than a BIG SHOP. Running the quotes with the various carriers are going to produce the same results from a pricing standpoint and anyone can do that. My firm actually does one-on-one consultations with employees which helps them understand ALL the benefits the company offers so that they VALUE the benefits.

[3] Share what they are able to do now, because of you:
We are an Advocate of the Employer and take over the Employee Benefits part of their business and communicate directly with the Employees which allows HR to work within the business and not on things they don’t understand as well as we do.

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