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I enjoy golf, hiking, and travel. I attended Auburn University to become a pilot. Naturally I became a banker. I enjoy helping client’s achieve their financial goals.

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  • Phone: 770-401-8050
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Accurate: Precise

I am a Commercial Lender and being precise with my credit package can be the difference between being able to make a loan and having to decline one. I had a loan request for a person to acquire land and build a Convenience Store. They sent me all of the tax returns and financial statements that we needed to cash flow. But the projections for the new project didn’t work because the cash flow didn’t support the ability to make the loan payments. After digging in deeper we discovered that there was an executed lease for the additional store front that he was including in his project for a national fast food franchise. And because it was an executed lease, that was additional income that I could use to make his cash flow work. Precision is important in my business to understand the full story and underwrite loans accurately.

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Northeast Georgia Bank is a 111 year old financial institution with a storied history, 12 branches and money to lend!

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