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I help business owners save $5,400 – $435,700+ on taxes using tax planning strategies and/or tax resolution techniques.

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Heirloom Seeds Have Great Stories

Three to my left is Karl Barham, Business Advisor and Broker with Transworld. When speaking with financial advisors I met, I will tell them how Karl can add lots of value to proactive Business Owners that are looking to position their businesses for future disposition. He takes a holistic approach, and not just helps sell the client’s business but more importantly also provides advice on areas that drivers and maximizes the underlying value of the business and does so from a future buyer’s perspective.I will then ask them if they are interested in have a lunch meeting.

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    Gu & Company LLC
  • 19045 State Bridge Road
  • Suite 401 #304
  • Atlanta , GA
  • 30022
  • Phone: 781-606-0806
  • Website:

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