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I help business owners save $5,400 – $435,700+ on taxes using tax planning strategies and/or tax resolution techniques.

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I often gave out common tax planing strategies and tips during the weekly meeting so I thought my team already well versed on the general tax strategies.

After a recent 7 minute presentation, I was surprised to hear the feedback that many of my team members do not exactly understand the difference between Tax Preparation and Tax Planning. Most thought they’re getting Tax Planning done when having their Tax Returns Prepared. Wrong.

So Now I changed my content – instead of providing the detailed tax strategies, I also spend time educating people the misconception – just because someone can prepare taxes, doesn’t mean they know how to PLAN. Think if it like a general doctor. Yes, they’re an MD. But can they do a spinal surgery? No. You need a specialist.

The goal for the tax preparation is to report your tax informaiton to IRS accurately, while the goal for tax planning is to look at people’s life, business, regulartory requirement to improve the tax efficiency. there’s a big difference.

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