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Sue started in the mortgage industry in 2001 and really enjoys working at Vinings Mortgage due to the management, opportunity, flexibility, diversity of product, low closing costs, small town feel, and working with people who really care.

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One of the first things that I do when speaking with a new client is to find out who referred them to me, if they did not say initially during the introduction. I then give praise and gratitude to the person who referred them, letting the client know that they are working with an excellent (real estate agent, banker, CPA, or whomever the referring party was).

Next, I proceed to tell them briefly about myself, and my mortgage background, giving them reassurance in my knowledge. Then I start some small talk with the client, and during this small talk, I am actually gathering information to fill out the loan application, but it does not seem as such to the client due to it being fairly casual. I am also building rapport with the client during this conversation. After our small talk, I have gained enough trust from them to start asking the more direct question of income, and assets, and credit history. By the time I hang up the phone, I have them pretty well qualified them for a mortgage, and follow up by pulling their credit to validate my findings and requesting their documents to complete the qualification process.

If the client is not qualified, I always provide a detailed ‘roadmap’ when possible to help them in becoming qualified in the future, or at least improving their credit situation.

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The Bank of England, an FDIC insured bank, has been serving the needs of customers since 1898. Our partnership with bank of England allows our customers to gain access to a wide variety of offerings & take advantage of our customer service.

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    Vinings Mortgage-A division of the Bank of England
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