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From the time I hear from a Physician in reference to a referral or a potential new client them self, I schedule a call just as soon as possible as I know if someone is in need of help they are in need yesterday. Once we have chatted for about 20-30 minutes and determined that they would like to schedule time with me I immediately forward a New Patient Letter and provide them with all the details I believe they will need. If I do not hear back from them within 24 hours I take the lead to follow up and see if there are questions or concerns that they have that were not addressed. Often they are just pulling several years of lab work together and it can take some time. However, letting them know I am there for them to answer questions and to let them know that no question is too small or unimportant is very comforting to many of my clients that are quite ill. I also will drop them a note one I have received all of their material and review with them what the next steps will be. Many of my clients have not been heard. Their practitioners have not taken their concerns seriously and so for me it is essential to keep them in the loop and to create a relationship that they can trust and feel that they are being heard and that all of their material even if it takes 6-12 hours will, in fact, be reviewed in depth and then with an extended consultation set up we can move forward.

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Company Profile

For 30+ years, I have worked with patients & doctors treating the whole person, not just symptoms. I use my expertise to counsel patients 1 on 1 who are suffering with chronic illnesses. I want to be a catalyst for change in their lives.

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    Susan Levin Management Consultants, LLC
  • 325 E Paces Ferry Road NE
  • Suite 1005
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 30305
  • Phone: 480-766-6984
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