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Row Markers Save Time

Though Susan loved the brief, intense and infrequent concept of the 20 minute workout; she started coming to Next Age Fitness because I was going to help get her knee stronger so that she could increase the length of her daily walk. She knew how important activity was to health and longevity but her knee was slowing her down.

I set her up on the ARX equipment, coached her to do her very best on upper body and coached her to do what she could with her lower body. I always set a goal of beating a previous performance and showed her different ways to make the lower body exercise a little harder. By her 25th workout she was substantially stronger and able to increase her daily walk. She is now on her 125th workout and continues to take the weekly challenge of beating a previous performance.

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Company Profile

Strength training in 20 minutes a week! Clients are guided through an intense full body workout that provides the stimulus needed for adaptation. The list of side benefits to strength training is long and fully supported by research.

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    Next Age Fitness
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  • Atlanta, GA
  • 30329
  • Phone: 404-998-4432
  • Website: https://nextagefitness.com/

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