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Curved or Straight

A single workout without a commitment is $70 however the most popular way clients purchase my service is through a membership. At $189 a month, a client gets 13 strength training workouts a quarter (typically done once a week) and that is competitively priced to a personal trainer.

Clients get one-on-one attention, in a private setting, with computer software that helps them keep motivated for the 20 minute appointment and technology that makes it possible to achieve the goal of the exercise in the least amount of time.

What my clients don’t get is; excess wear and tear on joints & tendons that longer workouts using traditional equipment will produce.

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Company Profile

Strength training in 20 minutes a week! Clients are guided through an intense full body workout that provides the stimulus needed for adaptation. The list of side benefits to strength training is long and fully supported by research.

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    Next Age Fitness
  • 1610 Lavista Road
  • Suite 1
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 30329
  • Phone: 404-998-4432
  • Website: https://nextagefitness.com/

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