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I am a Licensed Massage Therapist practicing for 18 years and a certified Pilates Instructor teaching for over 10 years. I’m grateful every day to do what I love and love what I do. Taking care of my clients never feels like a “job”.

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  • Phone: 678-524-7431
  • Team: Alpharetta
  • Introduced by Nita Pipkins
  • Joined on 8/13/2002

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Professional: Precise – Communicate

Most studios don’t make a habit of giving out instructors phone numbers-and certainly there is a front desk for scheduling. Since I own my studio and I do all the scheduling I actually got rid of my office line several years ago because all my clients contacted me on my cell phone! I am a texting queen and clients know that it’s faster than email for me. I love checking on them the next day or later that evening with an encouraging message. I tell my clients that if they have a question it’s not a problem to contact me anytime-even if it’s at 2am if they want, because they won’t bother me-my phone is off. I make myself available for text and short phone communications in the evening and weekends too. I have trained my clients that I would rather have notice on the weekends for a Tuesday cancellation rather than waiting until Monday morning. I check on them when I know they are sick or have other family concerns and I genuinely enjoy communicating with them. It makes us feel like family and builds trust and rapport. When there has been a rare problem, that’s when a phone call is necessary..can’t pick up tone and pitch in a text or email.

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Company Profile

The combination of Pilates & Massage Therapy, provides longer lasting results for pain relief, flexibility, balance & coordination. All my clients, see significant results in different ways depending on the treatment plan we devise.

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    Lift Total Wellness Pilates and Massage Therapy
  • 1875 Old Alabama Road
  • Old Alabama Commons Suite 845
  • Roswell, GA
  • 30076
  • Phone: 678-524-7431
  • Website: http://www.lifttotalwellness.com

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