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I am a Licensed Massage Therapist practicing for 13 years and a certified Pilates Instructor teaching for over 5 years. I’m grateful every day to do what I love and love what I do. Taking care of my clients never feels like a “job”.

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  • Phone: 678-524-7431
  • Team: Sandy Springs
  • Introduced by Nita Pipkins
  • Joined on 8/13/2002

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Stability: Straight Edge

As a Massage Therapist clients come to me for pain relief most often caused from poor posture at a desk or a dysfunctional movement pattern.One of the reasons I added Pilates to my practice is so that I can show clients tools that empower them to feel better in their body and offer pain relief OUTSIDE my studio, and IN THE studio, train muscles for more balanced functional movement, length, flexibility, muscle tone, improving sports performance and posture while alleviating pain. As a Massage Therapist I provide a vast understanding of the muscle tissue and Fascial connections that the Pilates community are only starting to learn, let alone palpate(touch). It’s not in a Pilates practitioners scope of practice to touch clients-but since I can, and own my own studio, I can do part massage part pilates sessions when need be. Pilates client Beth came yesterday but said she torqued her shoulder when walking the dog. I massaged her for half the session and pilates the other half…she told me today her shoulder feels great! That’s another benefit I offer clients. My clients know that when they put my tools, techniques, skills and training into their own practice, they can enjoy better drives on the golf course, more stamina on the tennis courts, hiking Stone Mountain without pain and playing with their grandchildren on the floor.

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Company Profile

The combination of Pilates & Massage Therapy, provides longer lasting results for pain relief, flexibility, balance & coordination. All my clients, see significant results in different ways depending on the treatment plan we devise.

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    Lift Total Wellness Pilates and Massage Therapy
  • 5885 Glenridge Drive
  • Suite 100
  • Sandy Springs, GA
  • 30328
  • Phone: 678-524-7431
  • Website: http://www.lifttotalwellness.com

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