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Actively involved with volunteer organizations who help change lives, for more than 25 years. Past Co-President of the Pope Band Parents Association, Past President of Tres Dias International, Past Chairman of Tres Dias of North Georgia.

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  • Phone: 770-823-6972
  • Team: East Cobb
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  • Joined on 03/1/2009

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Progress: Pass On – During

A little over a year ago I observed one of the best email transitions I have ever witnessed. While working on a wireless network expansion for one of the churches I manage a discussion came up about their current email service and some of the problems the current email service provider was having. Having observed the work done by this PowerCore member who handled the smooth email transition, I had no problems referring more business their way.

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Company Profile

PSSI offers affordable Managed Services to Small business. Our goal is to provide timely response to customers whose systems are essential to their business. PSSI offers business class systems from Dell and ADTRAN.

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    Personal Systems Services, Inc.
  • 4293 Revere Circle, NW
  • Marietta , GA
  • 30062
  • Phone: 770-587-9095
  • Website: http://www.pssi-us.com

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