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Born and raised in GA, Tim found his entrepreneurial spirit while attending Clemson University where he earned a BS in Business. Tim purchased his first investment property at the age of 20 and soon after purchased his first business.

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  • Phone: 678-787-2720
  • Team: Whitlock Avenue
  • Introduced by Richard Stokes
  • Also Introduced by Angie Hays
  • Joined on 02/06/2015

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As a Realtor, there is a code of ethics against soliciting to or communicating with another agents client. Sometimes I will receive a lead for someone who currently has their house listed with another agent. I can’t reach out to them to solicit their business while they are in a exclusive agency agreement with another agent. However, I can talk with them if they are not happy with their current agent, but they would have to contact me and I would not be able to give them any advise until they terminated their current agreement.
All Realtors will go through this training when newly licensed and through continual education.
It benefits me when everyone understands the rules. The bar is not set very high in our industry and I try to hold myself and my team to a higher standard.
Our clients are benefited because they will truly understand and see what client representation looks like when buying, selling or investing in Real Estate.

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Company Profile

Tim was named as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Agents in GA 2016 & 2017. SOLD over 600 homes. Awarded Cobb County Board of Realtors Top 10 Teams in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.

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