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Tim Hilmo started his HVAC career at age 12,attended HVAC college and received A GA LICENSE in 1987. Tim likes to study Astronomy , Music , art painting and ride motorcycles with family and friends.

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  • Phone: 678-469-6516
  • Team: Sugarloaf
  • Introduced by George Varghese, EA
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Accurate: Precise

A couple of summers ago A great customer, Mr. Builder, called me from Hamilton Mill in his 2 story brick house with a basement, he was complaining that his systems were not cooling his family’s home very good.
We checked his systems and found that they had been over charged with refrigerant since they were installed. We spent 3 hours to adjust his refrigerant levels to factory specs.
A 1% refrigerant over or under charge can change the capacity and efficiency of a to be off by a 100 percent plus or minus . The refrigerant charge of a unit is a perfect example of the need for precision..
Now Mr builder uses our company for all of his heating and air needs for his customers because he realizes that precision is our service.
Air Conditioning Doctors of America Inc. from Auburn , Ga is the perfect company for precision air conditioning.

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Air Conditioning Doctors of America , is a great referral for the home owner that needs help with their heating and air conditioning system repairs and replacements.

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