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lev·er·age: use (something) to maximum advantage. Here are a few of my “somethings” which can matter when you’re making referrals: ICF coach training, 25+ yrs of sales & management experience, non-profit board leadership,3x cancer surv

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  • Phone: 404-427-7405
  • Team: North Fulton
  • Introduced by David Mills
  • Joined on 01/26/2016


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The Seed of How (behavior)

My client, Robby, is a business owner who is very active in his community. Throughout the year when flipping through school programs or the sponsors page of worthy causes you’ll see his company logo listed there. You will also recognize Robby at various local networking events as he is always dressed in his company shirt and sweater, or jacket.

Robby and his team take pride in taking care of their clients and this is evident in the reviews that have been posted about them online and the way they recommend his business on Facebook and Nextdoor.

But don’t think Robby is a workaholic, he and his wife love to travel, and he subscribes to the saying, work hard – play hard.

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Company Profile

Through coaching I help clients achieve success in business and life. Through a process of discovery, collaboration, and empowerment clients develop and implement practical strategies which help them achieve the results they desire.

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