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I grew up in Texas, studying art and dreaming about cars. The studying part led me to a terrific career in mass media that allowed me to retire from in 2017. Now I follow my other passion: Buying cars for busy folks saving time and money.

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  • Phone: 404-630-0639
  • Team: Milton
  • Introduced by Bob Stone
  • Also Introduced by Diane Campbell
  • Joined on 07/13/2018

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One every we did business, I check On base when a customer orders a car since they pay a 10% down payment to authorize the purchase of a specific vehicle I have identified at auction. Then I fill out a second we did business grand slam is checked when they come to pick up their car. At that moment they come with a certified check from their personal account or finance arm. Since the average purchase check is around $35,000 (price of the car, taxes, registration) it is a total grand slam!

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Executive Auto Brokerage specializes in finding low mileage, usually off-lease cars still under factory warranty. I source vehicles from local and national dealer only auctions, put people in cars I’d put my own family into.

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    Executive Auto Brokerage, Inc.
  • 760 Old Roswell Rd
  • Suite 241
  • Roswell, Ga
  • 30076
  • Phone: 404-630-0639
  • Website:

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