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A graduate of the University of Central Florida and a past analyst in the financial world. I am trained and certified through AHIT, ASHI and NADRA for providing full service home and deck inspections. Nationally recognized through the EBPHI

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Rob Burgner

I had the opportunity to have breakfast with Rob last year and interview him for his introduction. As I was asking questions and listening to his answers, you could get a real feel for where he’s been in his life, his adventures and his accomplishments. He gives a clear picture for you to see and understand. When listening to his Info Minutes you can hear that Rob can take someone’s idea, develop a direction, take the lead and create something unique, impressive and profitable. Rob demonstrates leadership with clear communication, responsiveness, direction and professionalism. I believe he has the qualities of an excellent Team CoOrdinator.

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FrontEdge is a home inspection service aimed at providing the client with necessary information to aid in forming decisions for a purchase or sale, while at the same time, providing an understanding and knowledge of home features.

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    FrontEdge Home Inspectors, LLC
  • 50 Forrest Place
  • Sandy Springs , GA
  • 30328
  • Phone: 321-262-6675
  • Website:

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