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Travis D. Andres earned a B.A. in Philosophy from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Prior to law school he worked in the field of cultural resource management as an Archaeology Field Technician. Mr. Andres earned his J.D. from the University

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We have a great staff at Origin Title & Escrow that are essential for success. As closing attorneys, we may be unavailable for extended periods of time during the day, either in a closing or conducting a title search in a records room in the basement of the courthouse. We rely on our staff to obtain the documents and information required for a closing from buyers, sellers, lenders, and real estate agents. We have a dedicated email address that is monitored during business hours so that our clients can deliver essential documents or information even during times when an attorney may not be available. There may only be one attorney in the conference room at closing, but it takes an entire team to get there.

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    Origin Title and Escrow Inc.
  • 160 Clairemont Ave.
  • Suite 490
  • Decatur, GA
  • 30030
  • Phone: 404-377-6783
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