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I am married to my fabulous husband, Daniel and we live in Waleska on our newly purchased 10.5 horse farm. We have 4 dogs and 6 horses. My favorite color is purple and my favorite movie, today, is Almost Famous.

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  • Phone: 678-463-4705
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  • Joined on 08/05/2011

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My next 7 minute will be on why crate training is so important for puppies and dogs. A classification that could benefit from this would be a personal injury attorney. They are the ones representing a dog bite/injury case and could refer me to their clients to lower liability as much as possible. The information I will be delivering could help them in any talk/speeches they give as advice for clients with dogs.

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Company Profile

The Doggy Dorm offers dog training, and in-home boarding at my house that allows the dog to have the most “home-like” experience while their family is away.

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