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Row Markers Save Time

I am happy to say all of my clients are my favorite. It’s kind of like asking me to pick my favorite child. And in some ways my clients are my children. However, for the purpose of this exercise, I will pick the Federal Government. I am a registered SAM vendor and am honored to work with several judges. Typically, my journey begins when they are newly appointed to the position and stay with them throughout their career. The newness of the position and the assignment of transforming their chambers into their own can be overwhelming to say the least. Because I have worked in this system for many year’s I am able to help them walk through the process of carpet, paint, furniture, artwork and accessory selections that meet the spending boundaries that are regulated and monitored. I just completed a new interior space where the Judge is only 40 years old. Her style is very different from the typical traditional chamber. It leaned towards Mid Century modern with soft colors and contemporary artwork. She is very pleased with her new light, airy and clean lined chambers and we both felt it was a win for her.

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