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Curved or Straight

As a commercial Interior design professional, I can charge many different ways. It all depends on the client and the scope of work that they are envisioning me to create for them. The billable options that they can select from is hourly rate ($115.00), flat fee with a guaranteed max, if product is a part of it then, cost-plus or a combination. When purchasing furniture, artwork, accessories and draperies, I will offer these items at the trade cost plus 20-25% in addition to the hourly rate.

It is very similar to buying a new mid to high end vehicle in-regards to the choices that you make when deciding the brand, make and model that you want to purchase. Together we will build the prototype, then I price it out, share the estimate with them, answer any questions and wait for their decision. The client may sign off on the bottom line of the estimate turned contract immediately or review further and deduct a few items they can live without or add a few more features to it. It can take several going back and forth. Again, very much like purchasing a new car! It is an investment!

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