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Shopping for a mortgage can be overwhelming. Find out how Vance Blew can help bring your plans for a new home to life.

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  • Phone: 678-758-8267
  • Team: Peachtree Corners
  • Introduced by Michelle Valente Lee
  • Joined on 11/29/2012

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Mark A Straight Line: Plumb

For Real Estate Attorney Michael O’Neill  with Carol Clark Law. I referred a Real
Estate Broker, who is also a Builder to Michael for ongoing Real Estate Closing
business. The broker was looking for a new closing attorney to most of his
business with and Michael was the perfect fit.

 I also referred a Mortgage Loan client of mine to Michael
on a For Sale by Owner transaction that they worked on with a neighbor of
theirs.  I wanted to be sure that they had good advice and a good contract
through the whole purchase transaction. He helped them with the contract and
walked all parties through the necessary legal requirements and we had a quick

Michael is an excellent resource for the myriad of questions
that come up relating to Real Property transactions in Georgia and I am always
confident when referring a client to him that they will be served with the best
information for their specific situation.

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Company Profile

There are few decisions in life bigger than buying a home. Let us help you along the way.

In addition to offering competitive rates, we have some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable loan officers in the business.

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    SWBC Mortgage Corporation
  • 3485 Acworth Due West Rd
  • Acworth, Georgia
  • 30101
  • Phone: 678-822-5344
  • Website:

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