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Purpose: Commander’s Intent – Drill Bit vs. Hole

I have a client that was referred to me who had watch a friend lose everything because of a medical condition. He being self employed only made money when working realize that could happen to him! He wanted me to provide him with a disability plan. After getting to understand his business and his situation in life. I explained other options that would protect him for both short and long term events. We built an insurance plan that what ever could happen to him .he wouldn`t lose all he had built. Do to Corvid he was hospitalize for 10 days, however his bill was covered at 100%. His short term benefits we put together paid him for the 10 days in the hospital ensuring his business and he suffered no lost with day one protection! It`s not what you eat that kills you often times, it`s what`s eating you. Worry and stress can do the job faster. I build peace of mind for my clients!

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