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I like, therefore I am. I like George. (for 38 years!) I like to cook. (we have 274 cookbooks) I like to read. (on my phone, on my iPad, on my Nexus 7) I like gadgets, and people who disagree with me, and scuba, and…

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What to DO to GIVE Referrals : Element: Introduction | Topic: GateOpeners

CPAs refer clients to PowerCore
– when previous Members return, they often say their CPA pointed out the difference in income and asked them what happened. When they say that’s about when they left PowerCore, the CPA says “Well, go back!”

CPAs want to see a return on investment – an ROI. When you introduce me to a CPA I’ll show them referral records [which document an opportunity] and We Did Business slips [which confirm a bank deposit]. More important, I’ll show them the graphs [Members have this in their Orientation Essentials tab] that show the correlation between who the referral comes from, the value of the referral, the type of referral, and the time frame to close.

My favorite graph is the ramp graph: it shows the projection, over 18 months, for We Did Business slips, and identifies the percentage of each for three value levels. CPAs want to know details. I’ll show them details until they tell me to stop!

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Company Profile

PowerCore Members understand that people give referrals to people. Members know they have value to give, so they share new information, in a structured way, to stimulate the conversations that result in introductions and new clients.

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