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I like, therefore I am. I like George. (for 38 years!) I like to cook. (we have 274 cookbooks) I like to read. (on my phone, on my iPad, on my Nexus 7) I like gadgets, and people who disagree with me, and scuba, and…

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I’ve had a lot – a lot – of different jobs. I’ve been an organ teacher, payroll processor, a real estate agent, a commercial business broker; I’ve sold closed-circuit TV systems, been employee benefits counselor at a 2,700 employee hospital, office manager for a national construction company, operations manager for a regional contract furniture rep, CFO for an underground utilities contractor; I’ve owned a restaurant (that was a mistake), a referral marketing consulting company, and a foreclosure rehab business. George and I have flipped houses (I’m good with drywall, not as good with paint) and built an Amway business.

All this experience (which, let’s face it, was demoralizing every time I got fired) is what makes me good at PowerCore. I understand classification boundaries from the inside. I know what the restaurant owner needs from the Team, how hard the Realtor works, what it takes to cold-call effectively.

That education – what my Aunt Mary Lou called “between opportunities” – is what makes me good at facilitating PowerCore Teams today.

It’s a unique strength. YAY!

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PowerCore Members understand that people give referrals to people. Members know they have value to give, so they share new information, in a structured way, to stimulate the conversations that result in introductions and new clients.

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