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I like, therefore I am. I like George. (for 38 years!) I like to cook. (we have 274 cookbooks) I like to read. (on my phone, on my iPad, on my Nexus 7) I like gadgets, and people who disagree with me, and scuba, and…

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Home Run

A Home Run Member takes initiative for:

    a: completing the 5-part Mentoring program
    b: walking into the meeting each week knowing
    ___b1: what their InfoMinute is going to be
    ___b2: what their Referral Trigger answer is going to be
    ___b3: what they have to give during referrals
    ___b4: who they’re going to invite for coffee this week.
    c: creating referrals to give
    d: focusing on what they do and say – taking responsibility for what they get
    e: holding a leadership position, participating as an Orientation Essentials panelist, or a Coach. (In the last few months the Members who lead the virtual meeting initiative for their Team are in this category.)
    f: using their membership in +five of Jason Wade‘s seven ways.
    ___f1: they get referrals
    ___f2: they give referrals because they’ve taught their client that they are a resource
    ___f3: they value the resource of Members they use
    ___f4: they benefit from the peer group, or mastermind component, of conversations with Members
    ___f5: they appreciate the liberal arts degree they get from 7-Minute presentations, and give that level of knowledge to the Team in their 7-Minutes.
    ___f6: they turn these relationships into friendships.

    Home Run Members take responsibility for how they can add value in four dimensions.
    Right this minute, without thinking or pausing for a breath, I could name 200 Home Run Members. Home Run Members are always in the front of my thoughts.

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Company Profile

PowerCore Members understand that people give referrals to people. Members know they have value to give, so they share new information, in a structured way, to stimulate the conversations that result in introductions and new clients.

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  • 3060 Pharr Court North
  • Suite 20
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • 30305
  • Phone: 404-816-3377
  • Fax: 404-816-8685

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