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When I’m not designing new logos or working on marketing projects, I’m sending my friends hilarious cat gifs, or hunting down the best black and white cookie in Atlanta. I also love knitting baby blankets and crocheting stuffed animals.

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  • Phone: 404-323-1478
  • Team: Candler Park
  • Introduced by Susan Morley
  • Joined on 08/25/2016

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One of the most important things I do to be successful is to create a roadmap for the project before we start… and stick to the plan. Being a solo-entrepreneur, it’s important that I also serve the role of an account manager so new clients are aware of the time, effort, costs and assets needed to make sure their project is successful.

Another way to set a project up for success is to make sure clients know what size they want their final product to be… before we start designing marketing materials. Knowing the final deliverable gives me a better sense of the needs that will go into the project (and my strategy for designing a postcard is much different than an 11×17 folded flyer!)

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Company Profile

I’ve found working with small business owners to be some of the most rewarding work I’ve ever done. Good ideas don’t have to be complicated or over thought … but sometimes the answer isn’t a tri-fold brochure.

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