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When I’m not dealing with all things electrical I can be found in my woodworking shop.

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I am typically the guide for potential clients as I am the usually the first person that speaks to them when they call. I build a solid foundation with clients through being honest and up front. I won’t hesitate to inform a client if their project is out of the scope of our abilities and will try my best to point them in the direction of another company that can help them. I always tell them my number one goal is their comfort and safety even if that means they have to seek the services of another vendor.

I also strive to give clients the up front cost of their projects through flat rate pricing as soon as possible so they can begin processing whether or not they’re able to proceed with the project as planned. I have found that being up front and honest with customers builds an almost immediate level of trust and has yielded many return customers.

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    L & M Electric Inc.
  • 2260 Hewatt Road
  • SNELLVILLE, United States
  • 30039
  • Phone: 770-789-2775
  • Website: https://www.lmelectricinc.com/

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